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ANNOUNCEMENT:  Finvi acquires Fonative.

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We help businesses connect with customers through voice and text.

Fonative’s Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) enables businesses to meet and maintain the stringent and ever-evolving legal and industry compliance requirements surrounding the nexus of communications and data privacy.

The Compliant Communications Company

Combining carrier-grade technology with advanced call center capabilities and regulatory compliance, Fonative® is the only suite of telecommunication services architected to meet the stringent requirements necessary in key industries such as medical, financial services, and government.

With the Fonative CPaaS providers integrate Compliant Communications® into their solutions without the need to maintain servers, infrastructure, network, and telecommunications carriers.

Businesses are empowered to protect customers’ data, ensuring that all of the information remains safe, and in trusted hands.


From patented technology to PCI DSS Level 1 certification, Fonative's fully featured API and secure, scalable, carrier-grade platform meet stringent regulatory requirements to provide advanced call center capabilities with Compliant Communications®.

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Fonative championed VoIP innovation in the IVR and contact center industry and continues to deliver highly reliable solutions for more than two decades.




New Service Facilitates Secure Delivery of Text Messages to the Intended Party



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"Choosing Fonative is a decision you wouldn’t regret as they solve a particular need better than any other you could find. Skip right to it, use it, and you won’t look back."

Michael Wolfe, Vice President,

Government Solutions, Ontario Systems

As a company, Fonative is committed to remaining ahead of the evolving regulatory and compliance landscape surrounding the interaction of telecommunications and regulatory protected information and transactions. We accomplish this by providing Compliant Communications to businesses and service providers that operate in regulated markets.

For companies that want the assurance that their data is being responsibly cared for, Fonative delivers the highest level of data security, and information privacy, to meet regulatory and industry requirements as they relate to telecommunications and any related patient or customer transactions.

The Fonative CPaaS platform is built to be highly reliable, with our patented call detection technology, best-in-class N+1 components and HA systems, and distributed redundant data storage. The Fonative CPaaS is also fully PCI-DSS Level 1-compliant and operates in audited SSAE 16 data center environments. It is HIPAA-secure for healthcare applications, with all traffic and netflows monitored by a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

For customers, Fonative ensures that the expected safe and secure conversations between the company/institution and its clients’ customers remain that way, protecting customer and patient information, as well as that of the businesses served. To accomplish this, we combine carrier-grade technology with advanced call center capabilities and regulatory compliance. This makes Fonative the only suite of telecommunication services to meet the stringent requirements necessary in the medical, financial services, and government sectors.

Fonative: The Compliant Communications® Company

Fonative Provides a Full-Featured API for Today’s Contact Center Demands

Founded in 1992 with decades of telecom experience and call center on-premise systems, Fonative has exclusively focused on the voice and text messaging CPaaS market. Since 2016, we’ve seen CPaaS evolve rapidly into a mainstream communications segment. During that period, many other companies entered the CPaaS market, creating or adding APIs to their portfolio to leverage the tremendous interest and demand for tightly woven communications within their applications or platforms. In this growing telecommunications sector, Fonative stands alone, and is leading the pack in regulatory ready and compliant communications.

The Fonative REST API provides call centers full control over calls and with API groupings including call control, media control, call conferencing, call recording, VXML IVR, SMS messaging, number inventory, provisioning, and reporting. Our patented early media analysis module matches pre-call audio to known carrier messages,

allowing for reliable determination of permanently disconnected numbers even when a carrier provides incorrect termination codes. With a diverse carrier base and constant attention to carrier pricing, Fonative helps call centers maintain competitive per-minute telecommunications costs, fostering better customer service from the first call.

As a result, Fonative delivers a robust suite of proven, reliable, secure, scalable, and highly available services. Call center providers in healthcare, financial services, and governments rely on Fonative to stay in step with meeting industry regulations and the most stringent of business requirements.

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Fonative's Market: Call Centers and Contact Centers in Regulated Markets

Doing telecom right isn't easy in a world of increasing regulatory requirements. Keeping customer communication and their personal data secure is even more challenging. In today's changing environment surrounding call centers and contact centers that handle all of those customer communications in an ever more regulated world, keeping the customer data safe, and communications secure, is ever more challenging.

From its start, we’ve remained focused on solving the problems call centers face in regulated markets by delivering the services they need, all through one convenient API. This API is what sets Fonative apart from the rest of the pack

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when it comes to addressing the needs of enterprise contact centers, perhaps the telecom industry's most demanding users.

In the contact center, agent efficiency is dependent upon reducing wasted call time. Fonative assists by providing high voice quality with accurate call progress analysis and the patented ability to distinguish live answers from machines.

Regulatory Ready CPaaS for Call Centers

Fonative’s Compliant Communications® Platform Applications

Fonative’s RegReady® APIs provide essential SaaS and PaaS building blocks that are designed to power a wide range of regulatory compliant applications across multiple industries including:

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The Fonative Platform Built Today for Tomorrow

The Fonative solution is a fourth-generation telecommunications platform. From its start, our team understood that to be successful and competitive in the changing landscape of telecommunications, scalability, security, and reliability needed to be baked in at the beginning as foundational capabilities. Forward-looking in this approach, Fonative’s founders recognized that future-proofing involved moving beyond what companies think they need, by creating services that are ready for tomorrow, today.



The Fonative platform allows for easy integration with other service providers’ existing applications by quickly augmenting them with communications capability via APIs. The Fonative API enables service providers to efficiently deliver new and advanced services that meet regulatory and operational requirements.

Service providers and application developers' communications remain compliant as Fonative rapidly deploys, maintains, and tracks compliance updates as the regulations evolve. With Fonative, organizations, companies, and service providers can quickly scale, so as data and traffic volumes increase, Fonative handles the complexities that come with increased scale.

Learn how Fonative can transform your enterprise application.


The Fonative Performance Advantage

Fonative championed VoIP innovation in the IVR and contact center industry more than two decades ago. With three patents and several large-scale telecom platforms under our belts, we’ve had the opportunity to work with and carefully select our vendors, incorporating diverse network paths and multiple carriers to deliver a highly stable CPaaS environment.

Designed with no single point of failure, we maintain geographically distributed facilities to minimize downtime in a DR scenario and outages at any given site.