The Fonative® CPaaS provides a web REST API for placing and receiving phone calls and text messages. We've designed a rich set of sophisticated features to meet the needs of demanding contact center use cases. With PCI DSS Level 1 certification, security is built in for all calls and data that transit our platform. We're highly scalable, both in overall session capacity and origination rates for voice calls and texts. 


Full-Featured API

Fonative's REST API provides full control over calls and messaging. API groupings include call control, media control, call conferencing, call recording, VXML IVR, SMS / MMS messaging, number inventory, provisioning, and reporting.



With several large-scale telecom platforms under our belts, we built the Fonative platform to be highly reliable by using best-in-class N+1 components, HA systems, distributed redundant data storage. We carefully select our vendors and incorporate diverse network paths and multiple carriers, resulting in a highly stable CPaaS.



The Fonative platform maintains PCI DSS Level 1 certification. Our servers operate in audited SSAE 16 / SOC II data center environments. Fonative is HIPAA-secure, and we can enter into BAA agreements as requested by our clients.



The Fonative CPaaS is horizontally scalable using commodity server components. We scale to tens of thousands of simultaneous calls per data center, and can easily and quickly add data centers while remaining responsive and reliable.


Global Reach

Fonative is deployed in major U.S. data centers with the ability to route domestic and international calls and messages via a diverse set of telecom carriers. Customers can interconnect to the REST endpoint and our SBC SIP registrar publicly over the open internet or privately via the Equinix Cloud Exchange. Our API can be readily deployed in any of more than 40 global data centers to serve international customers.


Accurate Outbound Dialing

Accurate call progress analysis and the ability to distinguish live answers from machines is critical for outbound applications, and improves agent efficiency by reducing wasted call time. Our Fonative Detect EMAD module offers a patented approach that allows for reliable determination of permanently disconnected numbers and precise answering machine detection, and excels in customer-led A/B testing.


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