Fonative Launches the Secure Agent Communicator

April 2019

Fonative today announced the general availability of the Secure Agent Communicator™, its WebRTC-powered application that enables contact centers to use web browsers to connect their agent call legs from virtually anywhere.

The Secure Agent Communicator employs the latest WebRTC protocol, providing secure, end-to-end encrypted voice paths directly from the desktop to the Fonative™ CPaaS platform. From there the agent calls are connected to consumers just like a traditional telephone call. Since its initial launch, WebRTC has improved its resilience to network issues, providing increased audio call quality for agents and called parties. With the Fonative Secure Agent Communicator, upgrades are seamlessly provided in the background via the Fonative web servers, eliminating the need for any on-premise upgrades and configurations.

“Our secure CPaaS solution’s new capability enables application providers to offer their contact center customers new built-in features and advanced functionality that goes beyond what was available on desktop handsets or even mobile smartphones,” said Stephen Smith, Fonative’s CEO. “By eliminating the need for any premise-based PBX equipment, or the installation of softphones, contact centers can now reduce costs while providing their agents with a high-quality and securely encrypted voice path right to the desktop. This reduced footprint means simplified administration, rapid agent setup, and faster time to market.”

Fonative pioneered one of the industry’s first large-scale enterprise VoIP platforms and continues to provide contact center application providers with the rich set of sophisticated features for secure, reliable, scalable communications.

To bring the Secure Agent Communicator to market, Fonative worked with Sansay, Inc, using WebRTC sample code and WebRTC to SIP gateway function within Sansay's VSXi™ Session Border Controller. The cloud-based deployment allows Fonative to provide secure and reliable calls between existing VoIP networks, WebRTC applications, and end users.

For more information on Fonative’s CPaaS solutions, contact Fonative at 978.369.1334 or