Ampersand awarded U.S. patent for digitized audio signal identification

Fonative, Inc. is formerly known as Ampersand, Inc.

July 2017

Ampersand, Inc., a provider of secure, scalable enterprise-grade CPaaS solutions, announced it was awarded U.S. Patent No. No. 9,679,584 titled Method of Matching a Digitized Stream of Audio Signals to a known audio recording.

The patent covers a system and method of analyzing a digital audio stream to compute a digital audio print, identify a pattern, and compare and match the pattern to a library of known digital audio prints.

For call centers, having accurate call progress analysis greatly improves agent efficiency. According to a
customer study conducted at a large call center, over 5 percent of outbound unanswered calls don’t actually ring, but instead play early media that indicates that the dialed number is temporarily or permanently unavailable.

With its patented technology, Ampersand builds a database of telecommunication carrier early media messages, and detects when these messages are heard on outbound calls. This allows for reliable determination and disposition of permanently disconnected numbers, even when the carrier itself does not provide the correct SIP termination code.

“Over time, we’ve continued to invest in our intellectual property, specifically in the areas of outbound calls and call progress analysis,” said Stephen Smith, CEO of Ampersand, Inc. “With this technology, we're able to properly provide highly accurate call dispositions to indicate temporary or permanent failures, allowing our customers to update their campaign inventories and/or redial numbers within regulatory compliance guidelines,” he added.

This patent is a follow-on to U.S. Patent No. 9,053,711 awarded to Ampersand, Inc. in 2015.